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100 Acres to Farm

More than half of our 215 acres is currently being farmed and our plans are to keep it that way. Corn and soy have been the crops of choice over the past many years, but close by are wildly successful fruit orchards, pumpkin patches, flower fields, a hopyard and vineyard. 60 years ago on this land a farm to table vegetable crop fed the residents – before farm to table was even a thing.

Our commitment to farming runs deep, and we will do our part to care for the earth and waterways and foster meaningful opportunities for many to get their hands dirty. Farming for us is equally connected to social justice.  All people should have access to high quality, nutritious food, and we work towards this end. Good quality food and knowing from where it comes makes us happier, more creative and productive humans. Building relationships & community comes from sharing a meal, and through the growing done at Macon Creek we aim to contribute to our vibrant community.