We are building a future for art, innovation, and sustainability in southeast Michigan, and the surrounding community has met us with complete openess, sincere joy, and genuine love. We hope you'll be part of our future here at Macon Creek.

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Ford Pond circa 1939

Ten young musicians were tasked with creating a silent film about finding our own instruments. The film was shot and edited over 48 hours. The ensemble (6th-11th graders) improvised music based on the theme they composed in front of a live audience to a screening of the film on Friday, June 24, 2022 at The Hive on the campus of Macon Creek.

Macon Creek Green: #005c53

Macon Creek Blue: #1b75bc

Macon Creek Adobe: #d58b64

The Hive Yellow: #f7ca45

Global Font: Shanti


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